I had always had the passion to do everything within my means to enhance human wellbeing and help meet the basic human needs of people within my community especially, its most vulnerable members. Hence, my reason for going into Social Work.

After completing my training from the university as a Social Worker, I started on the ASYE programme and progressed to being a Social Work practitioner. What attracted me to work for Telford & Wrekin Council and has kept me with the Local Authority is; Telford, geographically is a relatively small place so you can get to know the area well and it helps for working around with my cases.

The work as a Social Worker can be challenging; however, in Telford and Wrekin, there is a strong supportive culture, an open managerial structure, and excellent training and development opportunities.

I work in the Children with Disabilities Team where we see the child’s journey through from 0 – 25 years. It is rewarding for me and the families we work with as you get to know families well and there is consistency for them. The added advantage is that as a worker, you become more rounded as you experience the whole process.

Another thing I like about Telford and Wrekin is the career progression opportunities. Within my years of practice, I have seen some of my colleagues who started as ASYE progressing in their career and are now managers.

It has been a great opportunity to join an upbeat service, a chance to develop my practice, build on my experience and have a good work balance.

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