Learning & Development


 Your Learning & Development

When you work in the West Midlands as a child social worker you have access to some of the very best practice training and development throughout your career.

Logo of the West Midlands Teaching Partnership

Our Councils and Trusts are part of the West Midlands Social Work Teaching Partnership, the largest accredited social work teaching partnerships in the UK. They are working in close collaboration with practitioners, senior managers, academics, researchers and experts by experience to develop a continual professional development framework that supports social workers at all stages in their career across Adults and Children’s Services.

Innovative training pilots

The partnership includes Councils, Children’s Trusts, NHS Trusts and Universities with some exciting new pilots and programmes set to go live this year. They have brought together practitioners, senior managers, academics, researchers and other experts to ensure they are providing the very best training to social workers throughout their career.

Continuous Professional Development

Our Councils and Trusts are committed to providing clear and supported career progression. You will have access to innovative development and leadership programmes, and opportunities to build your experience and capabilities.  You will have access to research in practice, regular reflective individual and group supervision, excellent management support, reduced case load to spend more time with children and families, and coaching and mentoring.